Huangyan Giant Star Mould Factory

Huangyan Giant Star Mould Factory is located in Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China. Our main products are the moulds for plastic furnitures, auto spare parts, house-wares, transport crates, electronic appliances, water/paint buckets and also lead-acid battery plastic containers.

Hot Products

    • Fork Lift Battery Container Moulds

      Fork Lift Battery Container Moulds

      According to the structural characteristics, the mold manufacturing is divided into a flat punching die and a cavity die having a space.
      The punching die utilizes the precise fit of the punch and the die, and some even have no clearance fit.
      Others such as Fork Lift Battery Container Moulds, rubber molds, etc., are all cavity molds for forming three-dimensional shaped workpieces.

    • Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds

      Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds

      The most important factors in choosing the right mold material are thermal strength and thermal stability.
      Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds' main requirements are good machinability, high hardness, low heat treatment distortion, good polishing performance, and strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.