Cause of plastic storage cabinet mould explosion

- Jul 18, 2018-

Cause of plastic storage cabinet mould explosion

1. The mould material is not good, and it is easy to break up in subsequent processing

2. Heat treatment: improper quenching and tempering process produces deformation

3. The grinding plane of the mould is not enough, causing flexural deformation

4. Design process: the mold strength is not enough, the blade spacing is too close, the mold structure is not reasonable, and the number of template blocks is not enough

5. Improper handling of wire cutting: draw line cutting, incorrect clearance and no clear Angle

6. Selection of press equipment: press tonnage, insufficient punch cutting force, too deep mold adjustment

7. Unsatisfactory stripping: no demagnetization treatment before production, no ejection tip; Production has broken needle springs and other materials

8. Improper material dropping: there is no leakage of feces when assembling the mold, or roll to block feces, and pad to block feces

9. Production awareness: laminated stamping, poor positioning, no blowpipe, continued production with cracks in the template

Mold cost analysis of plastic storage cabinet!

Mold cost component

A. material cost b. processing cost c. management cost (finance, sales cost) d. profit e. tax material cost

A. product size -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- die set, mould kernel size b. product structure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the mould structure, mould way c. product appearance -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fixed mold ejection way, way into the glue, mold material, mold size post-processing way

1. Die kernel: add 15-50mm single side according to the projection area of the product, and take integer as appropriate. The thickness shall be the product thickness plus 3D~5D(D is the waterway diameter), and it is advisable to take the integer.