most plastic mould enterprise still use traditional production methods

- Jul 18, 2018-

In our country, most plastic mould enterprise still use traditional production methods, namely before formal production, by the designer with experience and intuition to express product with two-dimensional plane drawings, plastic mold assembly after, still need to repeatedly test, not only increased the cost of production, has also extended the product development cycle, and plastic mold production too rely on experience, make product quality is unstable. And new CAD integrated technology, will be the shape of the plastic products design, plastic mold, plastic mold structure design and analysis of the numerical control machining, polishing and match test and rapid prototyping manufacturing plastic mould making each link all concentrated with computer simulations show that plastic mould design greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle, reduce the risk of plastic mould design, reducing the costs of debugging, the plastic buckets to guarantee the quality of plastic mold.

Adopts plastic mould CAD technology design, designers can directly on the computer to establish a three-dimensional model of the product, on the computer for the whole process of injection molding simulation analysis, accurate prediction of melt filling, pressure maintaining and cooling, and the stress distribution, molecular products and fiber orientation distribution, products of contraction and warping deformation, etc., not only can quickly improve the design efficiency, but also the dynamic simulation analysis of plastic flow in the process of injection mold cavity injection, analysis, the change of the temperature and pressure, etc, examine the rationality of the plastic mould structure, the rationality of the flow state, so that the designers can find problems as soon as possible, Timely modify parts and plastic mold design, to eliminate the error in the design phase, rather than wait for plastic mould test again after repair, to improve the success rate of a test, to avoid scrap plastic mold repair, ensure the quality, reduce the cost. Many standard parts can be used in plastic mould CAD modelling design method to carry on the design, can not only realize data sharing, and can satisfy the user's modified at any time, make the plastic mould design analysis of rapid, accurate and efficient. This is a breakthrough in plastic bucket mould design method, which has great technical and economic significance.