Note for plastic box mold assembly

- Jul 18, 2018-

Note for plastic box mold assembly

Different types of plastic box mold, different types of forming plastic (same type of mould), different assembly methods are different due to different requirements of beginning and precision. Therefore, the assembly drawing and parts drawing should be carefully studied before assembly. Through understanding the function, characteristics and technical requirements of each part, determine the assembly benchmark. After careful assembly, all the quality indicators of the product have been achieved, including the precision of mold movement and other technical requirements in the use process.

1. Assembly benchmark

Assembly datum refers to the datum used to determine the relative position of parts or components in products during assembly, which can be roughly divided into:

(1) the main working parts, such as core, cavity and insert block, shall be used as the assembly reference parts;

(2) take the template side base surface of guide sleeve or mould as the assembly base surface.

2. Assembly accuracy

Assembly precision refers to the geometric precision, machining precision, motion precision and so on after the equipment is assembled. The assembly precision of plastic box mold includes:

(1) mutual precision of each part, such as distance dimension precision, coaxial degree, equality degree, vertical degree, etc.;

(2) relative motion precision, such as transmission precision, linear motion and rotary motion precision, etc.;

(3) matching precision and contact precision, such as matching clearance and overfill contact condition;

(4) the wall thickness of plastic forming parts. When new moulds are made, the wall thickness of forming parts should be deviated from the lower limit of size.