The better the mold in industrial box is maintained

- Jul 18, 2018-

The better the mold in industrial box is maintained, the longer its service life will be.

As a professional industrial box mould manufacturer, we suggest the customer to do the following aspects of mold maintenance:

1. The daily maintenance of the industrial box mold, all kinds of mold of the moving parts and maintenance, such as thimble, line, guide pin, guide sleeve, etc often add lubricant, and completes the mold surface cleaning, cooling waterway dredging way, etc.

2. Regular maintenance of industrial box molds, including cleaning the exhaust tank in addition to daily maintenance, adding exhaust at the blackened area of trapped gas burning, and correcting damage and wear parts.

3. Do a good job in the appearance of the mould maintenance, mould outer coat, prevent rust. After injection mould, mould and dynamic model should be coated with anti-rust oil, preservation of die closed sealed, prevent dust from entering the cavity.

Poor injection molding (1)

Trapped air

Cause analysis,

1. Injection molding machine: the shooting speed is too high;

2. Products: the difference in wall thickness is too large: when the difference in wall thickness is too large, the plastic flow in the thin wall is slow, and the molten glue moves forward rapidly along the thick wall.

3, mold: 1 improper gate location: gate location is not the time, the plastic flow is likely to flank, air or gas trapped gas formation, change the gate location can change the filling pattern, trapped gas could avoid; 2. Improper Runner or gate size. In the design of multiple gate, if the Runner or/and gate size is not appropriate, the plastic flow may envelop air or gas to form trapped gas. 3. Poor exhaust: if the exhaust is not good, the front end of the wave will be sucked into the air or gas, forming trapped air.