The development goal and main task of kitchen storage container mould in China are described in detail

- Jul 18, 2018-

The development goal and main task of kitchen storage container mould in China are described in detail

1 development goals

To the mold demand of industries including aerospace, national defense, railway locomotive, engineering machinery and other industries, especially the total investment of 200 yuan of the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway projects, more than 30 billion yuan investment scale of large aircraft project, etc., will give the kitchen storage container mould industry brings new challenges and opportunities. Kitchen storage containers, therefore, the mold must rely on the development of the national key construction projects, facing the six major industries (transportation industry, automobile industry, information industry, major equipment industry, power plant and power transmission and distribution equipment industry) and its key industries. Especially around the automotive industry, information industry, IT industry to vigorously develop precision injection mold, automotive industry cover mold and large injection mold. Carry out technical transformation on a large scale to improve basic equipment and basic technology level; By speeding up the enterprise merger and reorganization and product upgrading, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, improve industrial competitiveness, guide the professional parts production enterprises to develop in the direction of "specialized, refined, special", form a pattern of complementary advantages, coordinated development of industry.

2 main tasks

Relying on the key projects in ten fields, we will revitalize the kitchen storage container mould manufacturing industry. The key project of nine big industry (steel, automobile, petrochemical, shipbuilding, light industry, textile, non-ferrous metals, electronic information, national defense), large, precision injection mold, high-grade mold standard parts of the system

Build capacity; To realize the localization and optimization of die steel, to improve the supply system of die materials, to provide a comprehensive variety of specifications and brand materials, and to greatly compress the material preparation cycle of die production enterprises; To improve the r&d ability of new mould materials, new plastic forming technology and new high strength, high toughness and high temperature resistant plastic products; Improve the enterprise information management and mold integrated manufacturing overall level. It lays a good foundation for our kitchen storage container mould industry to catch up with the international advanced level.