the plastic food container mould market accounts for about 30% in the whole mould industry

- Jul 18, 2018-

At present, the plastic food container mould market accounts for about 30% in the whole mould industry, and up to 50-70% in the mould import and export. With the rapid development of the national economy's pillar industries, such as machinery, automobiles, household appliances, electronic information and building materials, the proportion will continue to increase.

According to experts predict that total of mould market is steadily upward, in the mold market of the future, the development of plastic food containers mold speed will be higher than other mold, the proportion will gradually increase in the mold industry.

Although plastic food container mould has become the most attractive cheese nowadays, cherry is difficult to grow. Due to the complex shape and flexible design of plastic parts, there are higher requirements for mold materials, design level and processing equipment, and not everyone can get involved easily.

Experts believe that the Chinese and foreign level, there is great gap at present to break through three bottlenecks restricting the development of mould industry as soon as possible: one is will intensify research and development of plastic materials and injection molding process; Second, plastic mold enterprises should develop to the park and accelerate the integration of resources. Third, mold test results and other tooling level must be kept up as soon as possible, otherwise the development of plastic food container mould market will be restricted.

What kinds of plastic food container molds can be generally classified into?

Generally speaking, a set of molds for plastic food container includes: mold structure, forming parts, casting system, cooling system, ejection system and exhaust system.

Die structure - that is, die frame, is used to fix forming parts. Forming parts - that is, moulds, inserts, sliders, etc. Used for forming products.