Use cases of beer mould in production of plastics injection molding process

- Jul 18, 2018-

Use cases of beer mould in production of plastics injection molding process, mainly including filling, pressure, cooling, mold release four phases, such as the four phases directly decides the shape quality of products.

1. Filling stage

Filling is the first step in the cycle of the whole case of beer mould. The time is from the closing of the case beer mould to the injection molding of the case beer mould cavity to about 95%. The shorter the filling time, the higher the forming efficiency.

2. Pressure preservation stage

The role of the pressure-holding phase is to continuously apply pressure, compacting the melt, and increasing the density of the plastic to compensate the shrinkage of the plastic. In the process of pressure preservation, because the injection mold cavity has been filled with plastic, high back pressure. During the compaction process, the screw of the injection molding machine can only move forward slowly, and the flow speed of plastic is also slow. At this time, the flow is called the pressure-holding flow. Because in the pressure-keeping stage, the plastic is cooled and solidified rapidly by the mold wall, and the melt viscosity increases rapidly, so the resistance in the mold cavity is very large. At the later stage of pressure preservation, the material density continues to increase, and the plastic parts also gradually take shape. The pressure preservation stage should continue until the gate solidifies the seal, and the cavity pressure in the pressure preservation stage reaches the maximum.

3. The cooling stage

The design of cooling system is very important in the molding of box beer mould. Because the plastic products can only be cooled and solidified to a certain degree of rigidity, after the release of the plastic products can avoid deformation due to external forces. The molding cycle of box beer mould consists of die closing time, filling time, pressure holding time, cooling time and demoulding time.