What are the common plastic shelf mold shelf mold molds

- Jul 18, 2018-

What are the common plastic shelf mold shelf mold molds

The material of plastic shelf mould can also be divided into general plastic, engineering plastic and special plastic according to the scope of application.

Common plastic shelf molds are: PP, PVC, PE, PS, etc.

ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, PA6, PA66, PET, PBT, SAN, etc.

Special plastic shelf molds are common: PPS, PEI, etc.

Engineering plastic shelf mould granules are usually modified by some general plastics. For example, to change the molecular structure and add other ingredients, such as glass fiber, etc.

Engineering plastics are industrial plastics that are used as industrial parts or shell materials with superior strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and aging resistance.

Japanese industry is defined as "can be used as structural and mechanical parts with high performance plastic mould, heat resistance at 100 ℃ above, mainly used in industry".

Its performance includes:

A. Thermal properties: the glass transfer temperature (Tg) and melting point (Tm) are high, the thermal deformation temperature (HDT) is high, the long-term service temperature is high (ul-746b), the service temperature range is large, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small.

B. Mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low latent degeneration, wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

C. Others: chemical resistance, excellent resistance to electricity, fire resistance, weather resistance, good dimensional stability.

Years, to enhance competitiveness, many mold companies in China have increased spending on mould manufacturing, the introduction of new technology, set up manufacturing center, but the CAD technology is still not widely used, which makes the domestic high-grade, precision and large plastic mold mold production severity shortage, cause the mold still needs a large number of imported each year, but not high technical content of cheap plastic mould is supply exceeds demand.