Automobile Battery Case Mould With The Rapid Development Of Social Progress

- Jul 18, 2018-

Design and manufacture technology of large and automobile battery case mould

With the rapid development of social progress and industry, the user has been more and more high to the requirement of battery external shell mould, plastic mould are also increased year by year, the proportion of its proportion has accounted for about 45% of the total mould. As a modern industrial base of the mould, not only should meet the needs of production parts, and to meet the needs of the production of components, also to meet the light and the production of energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Now, automobile, light industry, electromechanical, telecommunication, building materials and other industries, as well as aerospace, new energy, medical and other emerging industries, are increasingly demanding and demanding of plastic parts. Therefore, it has become one of the important links to improve the level of mould manufacturing in China to develop the production technology of large-scale and automobile battery case. The development of some new plastic forming technologies and corresponding dies is of great importance, which is of great importance to improving the efficiency of industrial production, saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting the environment.

According to the introduction, this technology includes the following key technologies: hot runner technology and its reasonable application in precision injection mold; Production technology of plastic packaging mould for multi-injection head; It is the production technology of large automobile battery case mould and precision injection mould with the precision of more than 0.01mm. Multi-color and multi-material mould production technology; Combined metal and plastic parts manufacturing technology; Production technology of laminated molds for different plastic parts; The technology of producing injection moulds with high gloss and no mark and no need for surface processing of plastic parts; Plastic mold inner assembly and decoration technology and hot pressing rapid non-indentation forming technology; Forming technology and mould technology of new plastic and multilayer composite materials; Auxiliary injection molding technology and mould technology such as gas-liquid injection; Technology of plastic extrusion and high speed extrusion die production etc.