High - Grade Electric Forklift Battery Case Mold Production Technology

- Jul 18, 2018-

High - grade electric forklift battery case mold production technology

Electric forklift battery external shell mold is the basis of the mould, the widespread use of electric forklift battery joke die mold can not only shorten the production cycle and improve the quality of the mold, but also can reduce the mold production cost and mold repair. At present, the production of battery case mould of electric forklift in China lags behind the production of mould. Some high-end battery cases of electric forklift are still blank and have to be imported in large quantities. Here only the selection of mold production effects of two kinds of electric lift trucks in the battery external shell mold as the breach first breakthrough, this is the mould life can reach 1 million times with high pressure nitrogen gas cylinder and temperature control can achieve + / - 1 ℃ hot flow path and system. In addition, the oblique woven institution plays an important role in stamping die, oil free putting ejector sleeve is also very important in precision plastic mould, also belong to shall be vigorously develop high-grade electric forklift battery external shell mold. The breakthrough in production technology of these products will help improve the level of large precision molds in China. According to the introduction, this key technology mainly includes: piston, piston rod and cylinder block precision processing technology; High reliability sealing and safety technology; Heat flow channel materials and precision temperature control technology; Precision machining technology of hot runner nozzle; 3d computer simulation and analysis technology of plastic flow in mold cavity; The design technology of new high grade wedges and the research and development and processing technology of wear-resisting material without oil lubrication.

Large precision electric forklift battery case design and manufacturing technology

Electric forklift battery external shell mould for casting, pressure casting mold (die) are main, low pressure casting mould, gravity casting mould, no cases of squeeze casting die and precision casting die, mould for casting level influence is very big, and large precision casting mold production technology difficulty is very big also. At present, due to the low level of battery case mould of electric forklift truck, the phenomenon of "fat head big ears" and low quality of casting is still quite common.