Large Aluminum Alloy Plate Stamping Technology Application In Car Production Is Also Increasing

- Jul 18, 2018-

Large and precision stamping plastic box mould design and manufacturing technology

Large-scale plastic mold, and motors, has been the important development trend of laser welding of high strength plate and different thickness plate stamping technology has more and more common and high strength steel plate hot stamping and large aluminum alloy plate stamping technology application in car production is also increasing; Because the running speed of high speed punch machine is getting higher and higher, the foot distance of integrated circuit is getting smaller and smaller, and the precision of connector is getting higher and smaller, so the ultra-precision machining is further developed. However, at present our country B above the medium-to-high grade cars and large scale integrated circuit and precision electronic products, plastic mold is still mainly rely on imports, used for auto parts large soon start of multistep progressive die, sheet metal hot stamping and plastic mold technology start-up at home, or almost blank, plastic mold production technology has become affect China's automobile and high-grade electronic products are the important factors of independent innovation ability raise. Large and the increase of precision stamping plastic mold production technology, not only can improve the performance of cars and high-end electronic products and the independent innovation ability, will also drive the improvement of plastic mold industry as a whole.

According to the introduction, the main key technologies included in this technology are: the production technology of plastic box mould for automobile large cover parts; Manufacturing technology of large-scale multi-station progressive die for auto parts; Production technology of cold stamping plastic box mould for high strength plate and welding plate with different thickness; High strength plate hot forming and plastic box mould production technology; Production technology of precision blanking plastic box mould for thick plate; Accuracy of 0.001 mm of plastic mold, for more than 100 feet and spacing of 0.15 mm lead the following of the lead frame and very large scale integrated circuit matching plastic mold, the precision is higher than 5 microns precision miniature fittings and for extra-large (Φ above 400 mm), small (below Φ 16 mm) special (Φ pen type, etc.) under 12 mm motor iron core and the high requirements, electron gun tube plastic mold production technology, etc.