On The Premise Of Ensuring The Mold Hardness Of Plastic Flowerpot

- Jul 18, 2018-

On the premise of ensuring the mold hardness of plastic flowerpot, precooling, graded cooling and quenching or temperature-quenching process should be adopted as far as possible.

1. Changping heat treatment Suggestions. For precision complex plastic flowerpot mould, it is recommended to adopt vacuum heating quenching and deep cooling treatment after quenching if conditions permit.

2. For some precision and complex plastic flowerpot molds, the precision of plastic flowerpot molds can be controlled by preheat treatment, aging heat treatment and nitrogen conditioning heat treatment.

3. When repairing the defects of plastic flowerpot mould such as sand holes, air holes and abrasion, the nitrification heat treatment plant selects the repair equipment with small thermal influence, such as cold welding machine, to avoid the deformation in the repair process.

4, plastic flower pot mould structure design is reasonable, not too wide, thickness of shape is symmetrical, experts say, the plastic deformation is a flower pot mould to master the deformation law of machining allowance, reserved for large, sophisticated plastic flower pot mould can use composite structures.

5. The precision and complex plastic flowerpot mould should be pre-soft nitriding to eliminate the residual stress generated in the process of mechanical processing.

With the development of manufacturing industry in recent ten years, China has made good achievements in plastic flowerpot mould industry and it manufacturing industry. According to industry according to the survey, the domestic plastic flower pot die mold plastic flower POTS in the industry of the proportion is 30%, ZhongZi pilot is expected in the next five years, plastic flower pot mould market plastic flower POTS in the mould of plastic flower pot mould to maintain high growth rate, the proportion of the total market share and is other plastic flower pot mould will not be urgent.