Plastic Pallet Mould Digital Design And Manufacture

- Jul 18, 2018-

Plastic tray mold digital design and manufacturing and enterprise information management technology

Plastic pallet mould digital design and manufacture and the enterprise information management technology is the international recognized on raising the overall level of plastic pallet mould industry of effective technical means, can greatly improve the plastic pallet mould production efficiency and product quality, and promoting the comprehensive level of enterprises and benefits. With large, precision and complicated plastic pallet mould plastic pallet mould as representative's high technology content, at present a large number of imports, imports of plastic pallet mould occupies in the domestic high-end plastic pallet mould around 50% of the market. This kind of high - tech plastic tray mould, compared with the international advanced level, we still have about 5-10 years gap. Gap is mainly used in precision, manufacturing cycle and service life, stability and reliability, etc., the backward of plastic pallet mould design and manufacture of digital technology is one of the most main reason caused the backward.

Although this technology has been applied to different degrees in China, high-end software is mainly imported, with weak domestic development capacity and low application level. According to introducing, the technology contains the main key technologies are: plastic tray mold optimization design and CAD/CAM/CAE integration technique, especially the three dimensional design and computer simulation analysis technology, plastic tray mould modular, integration, collaborative design technology; ERP, PDM, PLM, MES and other information management technologies of plastic tray mould enterprises; Rapid prototyping and rapid prototyping; The establishment of virtual network technology and public service platform. Through these key technology breakthrough, can greatly improve the plastic pallet mould enterprise independent innovation ability and market competitiveness, improve the high-tech content plastic pallet mould meet the domestic market rate, and a large number of export, so as to improve the overall level of the plastic pallet mould industry in our country and enterprise benefit.