The Plastic Laundry Box Mould Processing Equipment Needs To Improve The Processing Performance

- Jul 18, 2018-

The plastic laundry box mould processing equipment needs to improve the processing performance, which is mainly reflected in:

1. Plastic laundry box molding parts of increasingly large and parts of the high productivity requirements more than a mold cavity, the increasingly large plastic laundry box mold, large-tonnage large plastic laundry box mold is up to 100 tons, a die hundreds, thousands of cavity, the cavity required very workbench plastic laundry box mold processing equipment, increase Y Z axis stroke, large bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.

2. The plastic laundry box mould material of plastic laundry box is of high hardness, which requires the equipment of plastic laundry box mould processing to have thermal stability and high reliability.

3. The complicated mould cavity and multifunctional composite plastic laundry box, as parts of complicated shape, must improve the level of plastic laundry box mold design and manufacturing, a variety of groove, a variety of material in a plastic box to laundry or assemble components in the mould of multifunctional composite plastic laundry box mold, requires large amount of processing programming procedures, have Gao Shenkong cavity comprehensive cutting capacity and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.

4. The refinement of plastic laundry box mould processing makes the compound and high efficiency of processing equipment more attractive. High speed milling has many advantages such as high hard steel, stable processing, small cutting force, small workpiece temperature and deformation, so that the plastic laundry box mold enterprises pay more and more attention to high speed machining.

5. High dynamic accuracy. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer (such as repeatable positioning accuracy and linear feed speed) cannot reflect the actual processing situation when the 3d surface of the plastic laundry box mold is processed. Of 3 d surface plastic laundry box mold precision machining, put forward the requirement of high precision dynamic performance, high speed and high precision but also in the machine tool of high rigidity, high thermal stability, high reliability, and quality control system of combination become possible.